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Child safety products – Finger Alert and Corner Guard

Arte Viva is a dynamic Dutch company specializing in innovative child safety products for kindergartens and schools. It was founded in 2000 and currently its products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Their goal is to invent, develop and manufacture products in Western Europe with the mission:

"To create a safer world for our children by reducing the number of accidents in kindergartens and schools."

Children are constantly on the move. From the moment they wake up and start exploring the world around them, their hands grab everything within their reach. Innate curiosity and the inability to recognize danger inevitably leads to an increased possibility of injury, the result of which is often injuries to hands and fingers that are pinched by the door. Finger Alert door straps protect fingers. They close the space between the door and the door frame. The system prevents children from putting their fingers between the door and the door frame, thus protecting them from injury.

Research carried out in the Netherlands (the country of the Finger Alert manufacturer) and Great Britain speak of 7,000 (Netherlands) and 40,000 (Great Britain) children per year, who request emergency medical help due to finger injuries caused by jamming in a door.

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