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Lansinoh's family was founded over 30 years ago by Resheda Hagen, a breastfeeding mother. After giving birth to her first child in Portland (Oregon) in 1978, she encountered what would later become the inspiration for Lansinoh's adventure. Facing extreme nipple pain during breastfeeding, Resheda, unable to find relief, discovered lanolin. Her husband, a doctor, procured a small bowl from the hospital pharmacy. Applying lanolin brought instant relief, leading to the foundation of Lansinoh in 1984.

When moms decide to breastfeed they should receive all the support and encouragement they can to experience all the benefits of breastfeeding, together with their baby. Lansinoh always takes motherhood seriously and mothers' needs personally, creating high-quality products that mothers want and trust as they nurse and develop a special bond with their babies.

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