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Smedical, a leading Spanish company in Class I medical device, excels as a creator of a natural and effective products promoting health, wellness and beauty. Operating in Mexico and Spain, their production facilities utilize cutting-edge technologies. No-Lice hair rubber bands, enriched with natural oils, provide proven protection for up to 3 weeks.

No-Lice hair bands are produced with the greatest care and quality and provide great protection against lice (pediculosis capitis).

100% natural: Thanks to the body heat, natural essential oils impregnated in the rubber hair band diffuse and repel lice before they settle on the scalp.

Say goodbye to having to deal with special treatments involving shampoos, biocides or hair sprays. By using No-Lice hair ties, girls can confidently enjoy effective protection.

It's essential to note that No-Lice hair bands designed to ward off hair lice function as preventive measure rather than removal solution.

Watch the video of the manufacturer of No-Lice products: https://crobebe.com/no-lice/NO_Lice_VIDEO.mp4

No-Lice box contains 4 hair bands in different colors. Only one box provides the protection for up to 3 months, discreetly and practically.

Link to the product: Crobebe - No lice

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Smedical Health & Beauty